Paranoia Nation

Some of my friends from the overseas came to over to Malaysia told me this.

“Hey Wils, why Malaysians don’t smile back when you smile at them? Is  Malaysia a stressful place?”

Is Malaysia a stressful place? Nah, I dont think so. I personally wish we are a little bit more stressful for our own good. People are just so slow around here, that there aren’t any sense of urgency. Anyway, back to the smiley thing. I am sure my friends from Western Europe expected a lot from Malaysia when they see this photo below roaming around the strrets of London in a red double decker.

All five pretty malaysian, ever smiling and screaming Why You No Come Malaysia??? That smile captivated tourists to Malaysia. However, all you ever get is this..

All Malaysians looking sad and frowning all the time, probably thinking, “Why You Smile, You think its Funny???

Here are some test I manage to do around KL lately, Let me warn you first that I may not be handsome but I have quite a smile.. haha.. I mean, everyone can smile, how hard could it be… Here are the test results..

1. Smiling at a rich looking Girl
Result: The girl wouldn’t want to look at you and turns away dramatically..
She might be thinking: Hey boy, you better be rich, a model, owns a ferrari, bla bla bla to even put a smile on my face..

2. Smiling at a ordinary Malaysian Girl
Result: The girl will look on the floor all the time as if  there are gold plates around my kicks.
She might be thinking: My god, why is this guy smiling at me, Do I look silly? is he a sex maniac? does he want to rob me?, is my teeth covered in vege? yada yada yada

3. Smiling at an auntie with kids
Result: A blank stare, as if I am her worst nightmare
She might be thinking: Aiyo, this boy, he wants to kidnap my kids?What should I do!

4. Smiling at a handsome guy
Result: The girl guy wouldn’t want to look at you and turns away dramatically..
He might be thinking: What the hell dude, stop admiring my abs you perv!

5. Smiling at an ordinary guy.
Result: Immediately looked away to some other girls
He might be thinking: Hey, do you think its funny, I know I look a beng, you NO NEED TO Laugh at me ok!.. aiyo!

6. Smiling at a middle aged uncle
Result: A sharp stare onto your face.
He might be thinking: Hey, if you come any closer, I’ll call the police, and please don’t rob me, my pay day is 3 weeks to go!

7. Smiling at senior citizens
Result: Smile back at you, insincerely.
They might be thinking: This young man, want to sell us something, not so easy!

8. Smiling a international tourist
Result: A Sincere Smile
They Might be thinking: Ah finally, someone who smiled at me today!

9. Smiling to the Mamak Fella
Result: The sweetest fake smile ever followed by a pat on your back
They might be thinking: *nothing la seriously, customer whut*

10. Smiling at the security guards.
Result: You get a smile and a salute from them
They might be thinking: This boy, wake me up in the middle of the night!

There you have it, Malaysians who will probably smile at you are the mamak fella, the security guard, credit card salesman and politicians,

Oh Dear Malaysia,
What is wrong with you! When a person smiles at you, TRUST ME, he or she means no harm. Just look into their eyes and return a smile.. it is that simple and it cost nothing!

be true to your school people, and dont be a paranoid “frowny” Malaysian


The Rising

Fortunately, I have very good Egyptian friends, namely Omar and his gang from Universiti Teknologi Petronas.
And for the fact that I am staying with an Egyptian intern in Penang too during the Egyptian uprising, I got all the inside scoops about why the revolution is happening and the importance of it.

“People is fed up and things need to change!”

That was what Omar told me. I did ask him are they afraid of the law and the government. Well, of course they do but they also understand that in some circumstances, The Cause is Greather than The Fear.

A few weeks later when the revolution was all over, Belal said this to me

“Finally, I want to go back to my country and rebuild it with my hands.”

I was totally envious of Belal. When can I get to say that? and judging from the situation in Malaysia, I guess it is still very far. With all the corruptions, the riches people are most probably unaccounted for because of the legality of their wealth. People are running scared when everything we say can be up for legal dispute. People are giving up the fight as other country value our strengths more than our motherland.

When I posted up in facebook that I want to comfortably say “Finally, I want to go back to my country and rebuild it with my hands as there is hope from now onwards.” people will come tell me not to hope too much or even said that. Some even said I am a Malaysian and I should say it now! I know I am malaysian and definately not a chinese, but sometimes, you have to admit that you doubt yourself because others are questioning you indirectly.

But a glimpse of hope came, on 9th July 2011.

The last time I felt very Malaysian was during the Final AFC football match that Malaysia won. The next time after that was Bersih 2.0. It is funny to see the things that binds us together comes in the shade of Yellow. And not the red, white and blue figurine of “1”.

I didn’t join the Bersih Rally mainly because I am a empathetic man. I wouldnt want my love ones to worry about me when I am out there. But rally or not, I am totally in for it, the only difference between me and the man out in the streets is he puts his tears and sweat into it as well. And for that, I am very proud of them. Looks like it does take screwed up  governance to unite the nation into a singular cause.

Malaysia… Are we strong enough to keep fighting for a better country? I hope we do and when the day comes, I will be back to rebuilt our beloved country.

I would like to shout out to Aunty Annie for being totally true to her school. You’ve truly inspired us all. Read more on CNN iReports at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-633163

Be true to your school, never give up and good things will happen to you.




Being true to your school



If you realized, I’ve changes the header into something newer as I am now officially entered my working life. I admit I stopped blogging for a while as I lost inspiration back in my varsity. I hope things will get better now.

My blog is no more Wilson Unmasked but simply Wilson Ng 2.0 : Be true to your school. Being true to your school means being true to your believes. Me, being a big picture person, often find this work powerful as things I do doesn’t show immediate results. Things I do often work out a little sooner with a much bigger outcome. Therefore, holding it to my believes is utmost important at all time in order not   my motivations and so on.

Welcome back and I shall see you again soon!



Walking Proud

Hey peeps,

A lot of people, especially my coursemates always ask me this….

” Wilson, why you always walk so fast?”

My standard reply will be a grind and I slowed down. Actually, how I walk determine how fast my life is moving. I actually can’t stand people walking slow while they are working or attending classes. I know we have to take life one step at a time but where is the sense of urgency? If you dont even care about the time taken for you to be from Point A to Point B, do you even care to finish up your task?

The way I walked was actually originated  from my school band  marching. After walking by landing on heels, never dragging your feet, stomach sucked in for 5 years. You’ll automatically walk as such in your normal life.

Walk straight, walk proud and people will see new light in you. =)


I dont want a live mediocre life….


I am back!!!!

Yes I know….. its been far too long since I last updated. Well, I have my reasons not to do so. The past 6 months had been one of the most memorable chapter of my life. I finally found my dearie, May Ting who I really love so much, I became the Local Committee President of AIESEC in USM, I jammed up all my toughest subject in one semester, I became an intern in Motorola and my sister is going to get married soon.

So basically, I dont even have enough time to rest, what more to write a blog. I know I am making up excuses. The point is I am back so lets get to it.. haha

I’ve read a lot of blogs lately, especially of my friend’s like kenwooi.com and dylan-zd.blogspot.com . Wei Ken’s is of Humour and Dhong’s is of a life of an early 20 KL-lite.. so what kinda genre of blog am I writing?… I better hope its inspiring because I just want to share what makes me who am I today and tomorrow.

Lately my dearie told me that she don’t want to live a mediocre life. Well, deep down myself I don’t want a mediocre life too. I used to be a very optmistic guy. I didnt turn to  a pessimist, but I am much more realistic now. These few weeks really kept me thinking. If I were to work in a MNC like motorola, I’ll be going to work every weekday 8 to 5.30, stuck in the jam for a totol of 1 hour everyday. Comes home like a zombie and the only thing I look forward to is some rest. Before you know it, the alarm is ringing in the morning already.

I am not complaining about the job. The job is pretty interesting to me ( I am finally gaining interest in statistics, thanks to my industrial training). Just that,  do I really want to repeat everyday? Hence I came up with a few conclusions which may or may not be the solution

1) Be really good in what I am doing with my degree. This of course requires further studies as 3 years will not make me a specialist. If I am good in what I am doing, I will be climbing ladders faster, experiencing new levels faster and making work more fulfilling.

2) Do what I really like.. Which is by far opening a Corporate Social Responsibility enterprise. The issue which I am really interested is Youth Development. There is a saying that goes that youth is the measurement of how good a country can go. I, love this country, although its pretty beat up rite now and this is my way to contribute back to it. Teaching and facilitation is by far my oddest strongest skill yet… I could leverage on that.

I might be funny saying that my goal is to become a Dato’ one day… I see it as a milestone of how good a person can be in Malaysia. In singapore, perhaps something different… I’ll find another parameter there if I am there..

Yes, I do agree a lot of datoships in malaysia are pretty redundant and sometimes, lame but hey, how many Dato’ you actually know? I am not aiming for it as a title… I dont mind titles, but It is indeed a good milestone for me to reach, in my opinion la…

So my life will still be a roller coaster ride after all if I want it to be..

If you want to be somebody, do something about it yea…

Cyaz, heading to Natcon now…

This blog will be updated more…. again…. =)


Why I did not give up on you…..

There is this sugar cube that goes

“Wilson, Thanks for everything… I really don’t understand why you put so much effort in nurturing me while I am so weak in the organization. Why you did not give up on me?”

I would just want to ask you all out there, Give me a reason why should I give up on you?

A year back, I had the same thing running on my head. As one of the potential leaders, I am far more quiet than most of them out there in 2008. I kept many things to myself because I was unsure what are the consequences if I were to say something that might hurt others. I made sure everything was politically correct before it came out from my mouth. Although most of the things I said is right, but people deemed me as weak and reserved due to my practice.

Thats where I met my mentors and friends in AIESEC. Without them I will be the same person as last year. If you think doing things that you do regularly is hard, try doing things which is not in your comfort zone. A lot of times I woke up middle of the night thinking what kind of mess did I got myself into. With zero experience in Sales, I went on selling things which are so new in AIESEC and the market. To make things even more difficult, I have to lead a team to develop this product from scratch. SAVE wasn’t easy to sell as we always need to use the softer approach in the non corporate market. Too Pushy, will make the investors doubt your intention of the investment, too soft will under value your product.

Although things are hard, finally, I am receiving responce for SAVE… There are times that I wanted to give up on it, but I just couldn’t let down those people who believed in me . Evelyn, JX, KJ, Tina, Fong, Mus and Mich didnt gave up on me and provided the space for me to excel. And with that, I do believe my AIESEC journey is worthwhile till this very moment and beyond.

So, why I didnt give up on you? The answer is simple, because AIESEC didnt gave up on me as well. I am here to make sure I develop you before my term ends and to provide you a life changing experience as the same thing that goes with me, if not better. I truly believe this organization has a lot to offer for you all out there. You just have to believe its possible.

So where will I end up in AIESEC 2010? Its certain that I will continue my AIESEC journey but to where and how, that is another question. I had run for LCP back in 2008 and to re-run, I better make sure I am damm good before I submit the application. With my experience in NCR, perhaps MC Managerial position will be a good platform for me as well. Sometimes, it is not as simple as you decided to lead and you run for it. That only works for first timers. Seasoned people like me have to figure out where I fit in the best and leverage on strengths to make sure AIESEC gain the best out of me.

I told myself that I will use MNC to decide where my strengths are and I believed I know what to do now. As the same for MyLDS 2008, expect something from me aite. It may or may not be a surprise but I promise you I am not giving up on the organization, my dreams, what I really really want to do and last but not least,

I will never give up on you……


2012: The day the world may go away


How Ironic, that there is a possibility that the world really ends within a few years. To tell you about the truth, I’ve been exposed to doomsday 2012 since year 2007. Its is by my fanatic uncle who believes in weird things such as the Feng Shui and I-Ching. I still remember I sat in front of his laptop for 2 hours watching videos educating us on the survival of our mankind. Things were so real as there were proofs towards all these allegations as well, such as this belowDoomsday Vault, Norway

Why would you spend up to 9 million USD to built a seed vault out of a sudden? It is understandable in Malaysia because such project can pave way towards undertable money feast but in Norway?? Although it is used to put seeds now but it had been rumored to be able to be inhibited by humans as well. Of course besides this the other “proofs” are like the double sun that you will see in Australia.. But when I went to Perth, It was so bloody hot just with one sun! haha…

It even went more ridiculous when my uncle planned to built a bunker in his new home in Johor.. I was kinda speechless though. And after I watched 2012, I knew that a bunker wouldn’t work as well… For for past few years, i had been thinking what if everything were to end in 2012? I didnt think of survival as I know there are only that much we can do to keep us alive if the world have to end..

Shall we think of survival or think of the things we need to do before it really ends?

This is the jackpot question I want to ask people all the time… If we are to choose option A. We might have a chance of survival but we won’t have enough time and mood to do the things we really like. Option B where we will have a real slim chance of survival but have just enough time not to die full of regrets if we were to.

People in life always say live as if you’re going to die tomorrow. But if I were to live that way, why the hell would I care about my work and studies today? So it kinda doesn’t make sense too sometimes. My way of doing it is, I will not leave anything hanging in the air from now onwards. If I were to do something, I will have to finish it till I get a yes, no, success or failure. By doing things left in the pending list, everything is left undone and you’re never achieve anything in life.

If you were to finish up everything, even if you fail, you can said to yourself that you had tried, without giving up.

Lesson learned from 2012, don’t wait till its too late, and make sure you dont regret the things that you did not do due to small little reasons…


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